Day 3

3rd Good Reason to be Sober

I never trusted a word I said when I was drinking.

Trust & Truth

One of the biggest lies I continually told myself when I was drinking was that I was going to quit. Another one I told myself, and always at the end of the day, was that my drinking was not a problem, everything was OK. I lied to myself every day for years.

But no matter what I told myself I knew. I knew that I was not telling my truth. I knew that I might make guarantees at 7 AM but that I would never keep those promises. I knew that I was a liar. Not to be trusted.

Telling the truth is hard. But trust doesn’t stand on a liar’s foundation. And once you start telling the truth it gets easier and suddenly you have two feet. And you are standing. The truth is like the hike to the top, and the trust is the view.

Now I can trust myself. I have never felt a feeling quite like it before. Because I finally stopped lying to myself about hurting myself I feel safe with myself again.There’s something about seeing your eyes in the mirror and knowing you can trust the person looking back at you. There’s something about looking inside and knowing that you can search around your soul for some help and not come up with a stick.

Being sober keeps me honest. A truth-teller. A woman of her word. Counted upon. Trustworthy.