Hi! I’m Amy.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), ELi-MP, RYT-200, MBCY-200. I coach men and women who have been sober for a year or more.

I specialize in day to day life coaching. In longer term recovery there is a need to go deeper and establish or re-establish some life basics. That can be recognizing outdated patterns, learning your actual values (versus your assumed values), creating new ideas for daily life. This also means that we look at your foundations (what you base your life decisions on) and figure out what’s motivating you and how to make lasting change. 

I graduated from iPEC, the most comprehensive coach training in the industry. 

I’m a creative thinker. I believe that the solutions to all puzzles are inside of us. That we can continue to evolve and grow. 

I’m curious. I’m interested in why we do the things we do. I like to examine how the things we do and say work, and how they don’t work. How these things create patterns in our lives. Where they are helpful, where they are outdated, and what needs to shift. 

I’m sober. I quit drinking on December 7, 2012. I drank from age 14 to age 41. I pieced together my own unconventional recovery. This has inspired me to coach people in their own long term recovery. Going from early sobriety to long term recovery has been one of the biggest transitions of my life- I had to start over and create my own foundation for a solid day to day life. That process has given me a unique education that allows me to support others in their own life changes. 

I’m a guide. I am trained to listen to the things you say, and the things you don’t say. I lead you through questions that bring about more understanding. I empower you to create ideas and solutions. We enable you to build the foundation that provides the platform for continued growth and success.