Hi! I’m Amy.

I’m a Certified Life Coach (CPC), ELi-MP, RYT-200, MBCY-200. I graduated from iPEC, the most comprehensive coach training in the industry. 

I discovered life coaching when I was considering going back to school to become a therapist. A friend asked if I’d ever heard of a life coach and sent me an article. I was floored! It was what I’d been looking for my whole life. I immediately started researching life coach certifications and found iPEC. I spent a year studying and training and got my certification in September of 2017. Being a life coach combines my work life goals: working with people, owning my own business, having a flexible schedule, continuous learning, and creativity. I have respect and love for what I do. It’s exactly who I’m supposed to be. 

I’m also a trail runner, yogi, writer, avid reader, wife, and mother. For 6 years I’ve written a blog called Soberbia about my own unconventional sobriety and exploring long term recovery. I’m passionate about humans and the ways they behave- how patterns and communication influence daily life. I’m currently studying how discomfort and pattern affects our communication with ourselves and others. I’m dedicated to curiosity and interest in how and what makes life work. 

Some of my favorite ideas come from: Anodea Judith, Tara Brach, Mark Nepo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rudolf Steiner, Brene Brown, James Clear, Caroline Myss, Elizabeth Lesser, Peter Crone, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, the On Being podcast, conversations, meditations, and me.