Remember how you decided to try something? And then it worked? 
The media free thing worked. We had dinner a little early. I was actually present and not flopping from email and Facebook to refereeing the kiddos. Each child had a long bath. Lots of stories. Youngest was asleep by eight. Oldest and I lounged about reading our books and making idle chit chat. Bedtime was a happy thing. 
Remember how, when you put your foot down, it kind of sucked, but then it was totally worth it? 
Boundaries y’all. Concentrating on what makes life work, and then doing it. Keeping trying. And coaching yourself in your head that you are doing just fine, with sympathy when you mess it up a bit. “You’ll do better next time” instead of “You’ve ruined it forever”. And realizing that things take time. So if it doesn’t look exactly like what you want it to today, that doesn’t subtract from the effort. Making a life is hard good work.
And loads of deep breaths. 🙂