For the past few days I’ve felt like this child in the corner. I know that’s what made me give up my Whole30- it started to feel like punishment, like I’d done something wrong and deserved to do without. Hold up.

I realized this morning that I carry this notion that nurturing myself has negative connotations. That it’s a bad thing. A selfish, self-centered, greedy thing. Well, dang. Where did that come from? If you wrote to me and said you were doing something nice for yourself I would be all for it. Hell, I even have a whole day of this blog devoted to cheering for myself and y’all.

So why does my inner bully start tapping the bat when I’m starting to feel pretty good about things?

And when did I stop believing that I was a worthy person? Because I cannot remember a time when I didn’t feel that way. Whoa.

Getting sober uncovers all these simple truths about me. It’s like I’m meeting a whole new person. It’s pretty damn cool, and pretty unsettling at times too. If you’d asked me three months ago if I liked myself I would have said flippantly, “Sure, I guess I do.” And I really wouldn’t have known the answer, I didn’t even know who I was. I was a shell.

If you asked me that today? Right now? I would say with my head, “Hmmmmm. I think so. I’m still figuring this one out.” and with my heart I would say, “I would die for this woman. She is brave, and kind, and strong. I love her.”

As I would say to my oldest, Jack (he’s eight):

“It’s OK to think your self is cool.”

I think it’s time to learn that lesson for myself.