Here you are.

You’ve gotten the feeling that there is more to your life. 

I partner with you to help find your ideas and bring them into reality.


We collaborate to come up with ways to help you keep moving, to help you stay motivated so that you get past the places where you get stuck.

We sort though your ideas to find the ones that feel solid and that deep down make sense.

We uncover your actual values versus your assumed values.

We guide you towards what has been speaking to you for years.

We get you past the blocks and excuses to find yourself on solid ground, with direction.

We navigate the process of concrete ideas in a partnership that brings out the answers that are already inside of you.


Let’s get started…

Once you’ve decided that a coach is exactly who you need to help you get where you want to go in life, it’s easy to get moving in that direction.

We’ll start with a casual conversation to decide if you and I are a good fit. From there, I’ll give you specific instructions for moving forward.

I offer in person, telephone, and virtual coaching.


If you’re in the Durham, NC area I offer walk-and-talk coaching.