Once again my job has me thinking. My job is not fancy, or very important. It supplies good health insurance, and until now has allowed me the schedule I need to take care of my kiddos without having to pay for any child care. (I work 7-2, husband works 4-11ish)

Look at me, putting the cart before the horse. I don’t know that my schedule will change. I just have that sinking feeling. You know the one where you’ve got a good new routine going and then for some reason wha-powie! the universe needs you to move. You aren’t in the right place.

Oh. Maybe I’m not in the right place. Maybe I need to be really willing to move. To change jobs. To give up health insurance as some sort of justification for staying in a low paying job that I’m not really happy in. Maybe if I think about it objectively instead of emotionally I can come up with a better solution. I’m not trapped after all.

That one word- trapped– got me really thinking this morning. All my thinking from a meeting yesterday at work until this morning was trapped thinking. No options thinking. I’m stuck. No solutions. Nothing I can do. Helpless.I can’t. Can’t have a different schedule. Can’t go to part time and lose my health insurance. Can’t understand why things just won’t roll along smoothly the way I want them to. Can’t you just let me be for a bit? Get steady? Get it together? Keep it together?

When I was drinking I always had the “if only’s”:

“If only I wasn’t so worried about money I could quit drinking.”

“If only being a mother wasn’t so stressful I could quit drinking.”

“If only these jeans fit better I could quit drinking.”

Now I think I have a case of the “can’ts”:

“Can’t you just let my job be less problematic so I can stay sober?”

“Can’t life be easy so I can be sober?”

“Can’t these jeans fit better so I can be stay sober?” 😉

Y’all! Then I had this great thought. I have been looking at it all wrong. All wrong! Because I have always felt trapped instead of free to make choices. Choices that may be right or wrong, but choices! Here I spend all this time whining to the universe and God about “If only” and “can’t” and I’ve been talking about the wrong things the whole time. No wonder no one is listening, even I’m not paying attention!

So look at me, up there swinging from that ladder. Hanging from it, you could say. It looks hopeless. Helpless.

But then. Ho ho. I think I’ll swing my feet up and then grab a rung. I think I’ll climb up to that big strong branch holding the ladder and look around. I’ll shimmy down that tree and check out all those roots at the bottom. I’ll decide to look at it differently. I’ll decide to be un-trapped.

Perspective and perception can change the way I think about things. I’m so glad to be sober so these thoughts can get through my mind soup. Instead of worrying and fighting my own head fight and resisting change I can embrace it. (carefully though, maybe we’ll just go to “second base” today…) Looking at things rationally instead of wailing away about things being unfair. Seeing the options. Weighing them. Not taking it so personally.

When I first stopped drinking every day felt like a gift. A beautiful glowing healthy anything’s possible gift. And then days turned to weeks, and now it’s been almost two months (which is so short, but so long!) and I have to remind myself that every day still is a gift. And then I have these mind blowing conversations with myself and I’m freeing the birds.