Another week gone by- they fly and sputter all at the same time. On Sundays sometimes I have another blog post I want to write, but then I remind myself that there has to be time out for cheering and encouragement. High five reminds me to think about what’s been good about my week, and to give myself a few pats on the back for getting through it. I always want to hear what’s been good for you, too- so I can give you a high five and a rock on you rule! -even if the thing you’re most proud of is walking the dog on Tuesday. (which I did not do, so good on ya!)

I’m sober fifty-two days today. La la la! I had the non-trapped mind shift. That’s worthy of a little statuette. 🙂 I stopped my restrictive diet and have been being gentle with myself when I eat a PB & J, or an entire box of these Moondance chocolate chip cookie bars. The Girl Scout Cookies are coming soon. Lord help me.