High five Sunday today. I’m going to tell you good stuff about my week, and how many days I’ve been sober. Then you can tell me stuff too and I’ll cheer for you. Right here. Online. And I also do some cheering outloud. Which scares the dogs a little until they realize it’s good and then tail wagging all around. Myself included.

This week on Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday the kiddos and I watched no TV. We played outside, we played cards, we went to the library. We had a fucking great time and everyone behaved beautifully. (Mostly) I think TV sucks the creativity right out of them and would throw it out the window but then how would I watch the Shah’s of Sunset Reunion tonight? 🙂

Trust. Big thoughts on the horizon.

I have still not made any decision about job stuff. Because I’m practicing that waiting-on-it stuff.

I still cannot spell becasue right the first time. Ever. I cherish these little tiny opportunities to laugh at myself. It’s our own private joke. And y’all’s too.

I cleaned the dining room and put all the dusty wine glasses away in a cabinet. I was drinking my seltzer treat out of them for a while, then without notice or fanfare I was drinking it out of our regular drinking glasses. Well. Heh heh. Progress.

I’m seventy three days sober. Yee-HAW! Sobriety rocks. Thanks for reading , and commenting, and letting me be me. Sometimes there ain’t enough gratitude in the world so THANK YOU.

And HIGH FIVE!!!! Wha-POW!