Hi! WELCOME!!! Here we are, at my new place. 🙂 

I’m still figuring out where to put things. Soberbia started over four years ago. Where do things belong today? How is that different from where things were? How is it also kind of the same? Does Soberbia change?

It changes AND stays the same.

I started writing Soberbia when I was only a few days sober. Soberbia is a word I thought I made up one morning while I was laying on my side in bed. I was staring at the very same closet doors I’d been staring at a few days before when I had the bone deep realization that I could never drink again. I’m getting sober in suburbia I thought, put the two words together and my blog title was born. It was only when I wanted to buy Soberbia dot com that I realized it was already a word- it means pride in Spanish.

Pride. I needed all of that that I could get. It seemed so amazing, so meant to be. I made up a word that was already a word for my blog about getting sober and it meant PRIDE??? YES.

Two years after I got sober a big question struck me: what to do with that pride? Where did I want to go in my life now that I was in solid recovery? I knew how to be sober. I didn’t want to drink anymore. I was capable. Reliable. People related to what I had to say. I wasn’t sure what to do with it all. I didn’t know how to be anyone other than the person I’d always been: a woman hiding from the truth, afraid of being seen. Being safe.

I began the work of being seen and finding myself. I started studying hard, not at a school, but at my life. I processed and shared things on my blog that happened in my life as I got deeper into my recovery.

Now Soberbia is also a place where I share what I know.  

I believe our stories and our knowledge are for sharing. When a story is told and you feel like the other person is actually in your brain the feeling is incredible! There is nothing like the ME TOO feeling. It was the first thing that saved me: writing to another blogger and she answered ME TOO. I felt more a part of the world than I had in decades. I emailed back and forth with her. We shared experiences and lives. I didn’t want to tell her I drank, so I didn’t drink. “I’m still sober!” she would say, and I would say ME TOO. 

We get sober together. It’s true. Even when I am doing the work of recovery alone I am in it together. We are in it together. I want to change the way people look at addiction. I want to change the way people see social drinking. I want to change the way we hold each other accountable and the way we hold each other up. I want us to find and seek each other and stop hiding.

I wasn’t ready until I was ready- to grow my dream, to allow my vision to take shape, to become something important and shareable and real.

Thank you for reading, for coming with me. I’m glad we’re here- TOGETHER.