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Hey y’all! Something I’ve been kicking around for a while is a virtual read along. I love to read and I always appreciate it when a blog I read posts about books they’re reading…and then I thought it would be cool to post it before I read it, in case you wanted to read it at the same time. I’ll start a discussion by writing a post about it, people can join in, and we can have some “me too’s” and maybe some “whoa really’s?”. 

I started with this because sex and intimacy is my biggest thing I am working through. It has taken me years to get to a point where I can actually almost talk about it and almost not feel like I should probably find the nearest rock and crawl under it. In other words that tiny little s-e-x word is HUGE for me- I have a ton of stuff around it: my body, my freedom, my violations- but what I don’t have is a clear intelligence about my own self as a sexual being, how sobriety has changed my sex life, and what all that even means. In talking with others I’ve learned that I am definitely not on my own when it comes to this subject.

So let’s read THIS BOOK and then talk about..(moving rock)…sex.